Deprecations in ATK that need work elsewhere

atk_document_get_locale() and the corresponding field in the vtable AtkDocumentIface.get_document_locale are documented as deprecated since 2013 (commit 97880727). However, WebKitGtk still seems to implement it; it should use AtkObjectClass.get_object_locale instead.

Note that Orca does not seem to use the Document.GetLocale method nor the Accessible.Locale property, so probably the code above from WebKitGtk is not exercised.


The following methods are deprecated in AtkValueIface since 2014 (commit 98838b2a):

  • get_current_value - replaced with get_value_and_text

  • set_current_value - replaced with set_value

And the following are replaced with get_range, which returns an AtkRange boxed type:

  • get_maximum_value

  • get_minimum_value

  • get_minimum_increment

Firefox still does not implement get_range, get_value_and_text, set_value. See bug #71.