for folks 0.15.3. The latest version of this documentation can be found on-line at http://[SERVER]/folks/.

folks API Reference
FolksBackend — A single backend to libfolks, such as Telepathy or evolution-data-server. Each backend provides FolksPersonas which are aggregated to form FolksIndividuals.
FolksPotentialMatch — Match calculator for pairs of individuals.
FolksSimpleQuery — A simple text-based contact query.
FolksWebServiceFieldDetails — Object representing a web service contact that can have some parameters associated with it.
FolksBackendStore — Responsible for backend loading.
FolksAntiLinkable — Interface for FolksPersona subclasses from backends which support storage of, anti-linking data.
FolksUtils — Utility functions to simplify common patterns in Folks client code.
FolksPersona — Represents a "shard" of a person from a single source (a single FolksBackend), such as an XMPP contact from Telepathy or a vCard contact from evolution-data-server.
FolksPostalAddress — Object representing a postal mail address.
FolksObjectCache — A generic abstract cache for sets of objects. This can be used by subclasses to implement caching of homogeneous sets of objects. Subclasses simply have to implement serialisation and deserialisation of the objects to and from GVariants.
gender-details — New general types required by Folks.
FolksRole — Role a contact has in an organisation.
FolksIndividual — A physical person, aggregated from the various FolksPersonas the person might have, such as their different IM addresses or vCard entries. An individual must always contain at least one FolksPersona.
FolksPresenceDetails — Interface exposing a FolksPersona's or FolksIndividual's presence; their current availability, such as for chatting.
FolksAbstractFieldDetails — Object representing any type of value that can have some vCard-like parameters associated with it.
FolksExtendedFieldDetails — Object representing an arbitrary field that can have some parameters associated with it. This is intended to be as general-purpose as, for example, a vCard property. See the documentation for FolksExtendedInfo for information on when using this object is appropriate.
FolksSearchView — A view of FolksIndividuals which match a given FolksQuery.
FolksLocation — A location. Typically latitude and longitude will be based on WGS84. However, folks often has no way of verifying that and just has to assume it's true.
FolksImFieldDetails — Object representing an IM address value that can have some parameters associated with it.
FolksStructuredName — Structured name representation for human names.
FolksAvatarDetails — Avatar for a contact.
FolksNoteFieldDetails — Object representing a note that can have some parameters associated with it.
FolksQuery — A contact query.
FolksFavouriteDetails — Favourite status for a contact.
FolksDebug — Manages debug output and status reporting for all folks objects.
FolksIndividualAggregator — Stores FolksIndividuals which have been created through aggregation of all the FolksPersonas provided by the various FolksBackends.
FolksLocalIdDetails — This interface represents the list of "iid"s corresponding to FolksPersonas from backends with write support so that they can be linked.
FolksAliasDetails — Alias for a contact.
FolksEmailFieldDetails — Object representing a email address that can have some parameters associated with it.
FolksPersonaStore — A store for FolksPersonas.
FolksBirthdayDetails — Birthday details for a contact.
FolksAvatarCache — A singleton persistent cache for avatars in folks.
FolksUrlFieldDetails — Object representing a URL that can have some parameters associated with it.
FolksPhoneFieldDetails — Object representing a phone number that can have some parameters associated with it.
FolksGroupDetails — Groups for a contact.
FolksInteractionDetails — Interaction details of a contact.
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