gi-docgen generate

Generating the API reference from introspection data


gi-docgen generate [OPTIONS…] [GIRFILE]


The generate command generates the API reference from a GIR file.

GIR files are XML files that describe an API in a machine readable way, and are typically provided by a GObject library.


--add-include--path DIR

Adds DIR to the list of paths used to find introspection data files included in the given GIRFILE. The default search path for GIR files is $XDG_DATA_DIRS/gir-1.0 and $XDG_DATA_HOME/gir-1.0; this option is typically used to include uninstalled GIR files, or non-standard locations.

-C, --config FILE

Loads a project configuration file.


Only load the introspection data, without generating the reference.

--templates-dir DIR

Look for templates under DIR. The default location for the templates directory is inside the gi-docgen installation.

--content-dir DIR

The directories for extra content, like additional files and images specified in the project configuration file. This argument may be called multiple times to specify several lookup directories, content files will be looked up in the content directories in the same order they are added.

--theme-name NAME

The name of the template to use. Overrides the name specified by the project configuration file.

--output-dir DIR

Generates the reference under DIR.


When specified, the files are directly generated under the output directory, instead of using a sub-directory based on the namespace name and version.

--section NAME

Only generate the section NAME of the reference. Valid section names are: aliases, bitfields, callbacks, classes, constants, domains, enums, functions, function_macros, interfaces, structs, and unions. Additionally, all will generate all sections, and none will generate no section.