glibmm 2.80.0
glibmm Reference Manual


glibmm is the official C++ interface for the popular cross-platform library Glib. It provides non-UI API that is not available in standard C++ and makes it possible for gtkmm to wrap GObject-based APIs. See also the Programming with gtkmm book for a tutorial on programming with gtkmm and glibmm.


giomm (part of the glibmm project) also contains:

Basic Usage

Include the glibmm header, plus giomm if necessary:

#include <glibmm.h>
#include <giomm.h>

(You may include individual headers, such as glibmm/ustring.h instead.)

If your source file is, you can compile it with:

g++ -o program `pkg-config --cflags --libs glibmm-2.68 giomm-2.68`

If your version of g++ is not C++17-compliant by default, add the -std=c++17 option.

If you use Meson, include the following in

glibmm_dep = dependency('glibmm-2.68')
giomm_dep = dependency('giomm-2.68')
program_name = 'program'
cpp_sources = [ '' ]
dependencies: [ glibmm_dep, giomm_dep ]

Alternatively, if using autoconf, use the following in

PKG_CHECK_MODULES([GLIBMM], [glibmm-2.68 giomm-2.68])

Then use the generated GLIBMM_CFLAGS and GLIBMM_LIBS variables in the project files. For example:

program_LDADD = $(GLIBMM_LIBS)