glibmm 2.80.0
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Glib::Container_Helpers::GSListKeeper< Tr > Class Template Reference

A keeper class for GSList. More...

#include <glibmm/vectorutils.h>

Public Types

using CppType = typename Tr::CppType
using CType = typename Tr::CType

Public Member Functions

 GSListKeeper (const GSList *gslist, Glib::OwnershipType ownership)
 Constructs an GSListKeeper holding gslist.
 GSListKeeper (const GSListKeeper &keeper)
 ~GSListKeeper () noexcept
GSListdata () const
 Gets data the keeper holds.

Detailed Description

template<typename Tr>
class Glib::Container_Helpers::GSListKeeper< Tr >

A keeper class for GSList.

Primarily used by C++ wrappers like gtkmm.

Its main purpose is to free its data when they are not needed. What will be destroyed depends on passed ownership upon construction.

The most common usage of Glib::GSListKeeper is getting its data when converting std::vector to a GSList*:

void G::Temp::do_something(const std::vector<int>& v)
g_temp_do_something(gobj(), Glib::SListHandler<int>::vector_to_slist(v).data());
GSList * data() const
Gets data the keeper holds.
A utility for converting between std::vector and GSList.
Definition vectorutils.h:571

Variables of this class are seldom defined directly - it is mostly used as a temporary variable returned by Glib::SListHandler::vector_to_slist().

Note that the usage above is correct with regards to C++ standard point 12.2.3. That means that data returned by data() method is valid through whole g_temp_do_something function and is destroyed, when this function returns.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ CppType

template <typename Tr >
using Glib::Container_Helpers::GSListKeeper< Tr >::CppType = typename Tr::CppType

◆ CType

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GSListKeeper() [1/2]

template <typename Tr >
Glib::Container_Helpers::GSListKeeper< Tr >::GSListKeeper ( const GSList gslist,
Glib::OwnershipType  ownership 

Constructs an GSListKeeper holding gslist.

ownership tells what should be destroyed with keeper destruction:

gslist- GList* to hold.
ownership- ownership definition.

◆ GSListKeeper() [2/2]

template <typename Tr >
Glib::Container_Helpers::GSListKeeper< Tr >::GSListKeeper ( const GSListKeeper< Tr > &  keeper)

◆ ~GSListKeeper()

Member Function Documentation

◆ data()

template <typename Tr >
GSList * Glib::Container_Helpers::GSListKeeper< Tr >::data ( ) const

Gets data the keeper holds.

Note that this data is owned by the keeper, so there is no need to free it.

GSList* owned by GSListKeeper.