glibmm 2.80.0
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Glib::ConvertError Class Reference

Exception class for charset conversion errors. More...

#include <glibmm/convert.h>

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Public Types

enum  Code {
 Error codes returned by character set conversion routines. More...

Public Member Functions

 ConvertError (Code error_code, const Glib::ustring &error_message)
 ConvertError (GError *gobject)
Code code () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Glib::Error
 Error ()
 Error (GQuark error_domain, int error_code, const Glib::ustring & message)
 Error (GError *gobject, bool take_copy=false)
 Error (const Error &other)
Erroroperator= (const Error &other)
 ~Error () noexcept override
 operator bool () const
 Test whether the Error has an underlying instance.
GQuark domain () const
int code () const
const charwhat () const noexcept override
bool matches (GQuark error_domain, int error_code) const
GErrorgobj ()
const GErrorgobj () const

Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

Exception class for charset conversion errors.

Glib::convert() and friends throw a ConvertError exception if the charset conversion failed for some reason. When writing non-trivial applications you should always catch those errors, and then try to recover, or tell the user the input was invalid.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Code

Error codes returned by character set conversion routines.


Conversion between the requested character sets is not supported.


Invalid byte sequence in conversion input; or the character sequence could not be represented in the target character set.


Conversion failed for some reason.


Partial character sequence at end of input.


URI is invalid.


Pathname is not an absolute path.


No memory available.

Since glibmm 2.40:

An embedded NUL character is present in conversion output where a NUL-terminated string is expected.

Since glibmm 2.56:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ConvertError() [1/2]

Glib::ConvertError::ConvertError ( Code  error_code,
const Glib::ustring error_message 

◆ ConvertError() [2/2]

Glib::ConvertError::ConvertError ( GError gobject)

Member Function Documentation

◆ code()

Code Glib::ConvertError::code ( ) const