glibmm 2.80.0
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Glib::TimeoutSource Class Reference

#include <glibmm/main.h>

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Public Types

using CppObjectType = Glib::TimeoutSource
- Public Types inherited from Glib::Source
using CppObjectType = Glib::Source
using BaseObjectType = GSource

Public Member Functions

sigc::connection connect (const sigc::slot< bool()> &slot)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Glib::Source
 Source (const Source &)=delete
Sourceoperator= (const Source &)=delete
unsigned int attach (const Glib::RefPtr< MainContext > &context)
 Adds a Source to a context so that it will be executed within that context.
unsigned int attach ()
 Adds a Source to a context so that it will be executed within that context.
void destroy ()
 Removes a source from its MainContext, if any, and marks it as destroyed.
void set_priority (int priority)
 Sets the priority of a source.
int get_priority () const
 Gets the priority of a source.
void set_can_recurse (bool can_recurse)
 Sets whether a source can be called recursively.
bool get_can_recurse () const
 Checks whether a source is allowed to be called recursively.
unsigned int get_id () const
 Returns the numeric ID for a particular source.
Glib::RefPtr< MainContextget_context ()
 Gets the MainContext with which the source is associated.
GSourcegobj ()
const GSourcegobj () const
GSourcegobj_copy () const
void reference () const
void unreference () const

Static Public Member Functions

static Glib::RefPtr< TimeoutSourcecreate (unsigned int interval)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Glib::Source
static Glib::RefPtr< Sourcecreate ()

Protected Member Functions

 TimeoutSource (unsigned int interval)
 ~TimeoutSource () noexcept override
bool prepare (int &timeout) override
bool check () override
bool dispatch (sigc::slot_base *slot) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Glib::Source
 Source ()
 Construct an object that uses the virtual functions prepare(), check() and dispatch().
 Source (GSource *cast_item, GSourceFunc callback_func)
 Wrap an existing GSource object and install the given callback function.
virtual ~Source () noexcept
sigc::connection connect_generic (const sigc::slot_base &slot)
void add_poll (PollFD &poll_fd)
 Adds a file descriptor to the set of file descriptors polled for this source.
void remove_poll (PollFD &poll_fd)
 Removes a file descriptor from the set of file descriptors polled for this source.
gint64 get_time () const
 Gets the time to be used when checking this source.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ CppObjectType

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TimeoutSource()

Glib::TimeoutSource::TimeoutSource ( unsigned int  interval)

◆ ~TimeoutSource()

Glib::TimeoutSource::~TimeoutSource ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ check()

bool Glib::TimeoutSource::check ( )

Implements Glib::Source.

◆ connect()

sigc::connection Glib::TimeoutSource::connect ( const sigc::slot< bool()> &  slot)

◆ create()

static Glib::RefPtr< TimeoutSource > Glib::TimeoutSource::create ( unsigned int  interval)

◆ dispatch()

bool Glib::TimeoutSource::dispatch ( sigc::slot_base *  slot)

Implements Glib::Source.

◆ prepare()

bool Glib::TimeoutSource::prepare ( int timeout)

Implements Glib::Source.