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Glib::Variant< DBusHandle > Class Reference

Specialization of Glib::Variant containing a DBusHandle type. More...

#include <glibmm/variant_basictypes.h>

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Public Types

using CType = gint32

Public Member Functions

 Variant ()
 Default constructor.
 Variant (GVariant *castitem, bool take_a_reference=false)
 GVariant constructor.
DBusHandle get () const
 Gets the value of the Glib::Variant<DBusHandle>.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Glib::VariantBase
 VariantBase ()
 Constructs an invalid object.
 VariantBase (GVariant *castitem, bool make_a_copy=false)
 VariantBase (const VariantBase &src)
VariantBaseoperator= (const VariantBase &src)
 VariantBase (VariantBase &&other) noexcept
VariantBaseoperator= (VariantBase &&other) noexcept
 ~VariantBase () noexcept
void swap (VariantBase &other) noexcept
GVariantgobj ()
const GVariantgobj () const
GVariantgobj_copy () const
 Provides access to the underlying C instance. The caller is responsible for freeing it. Use when directly setting fields in structs.
 operator bool () const
 Test whether the Variant has an underlying instance.
void init (const GVariant *cobject, bool take_a_reference=false)
 Replace the underlying GVariant.
VariantType get_type () const
 Determines the type of value.
std::string get_type_string () const
 Returns the type string of value.
bool is_floating () const
 Checks whether value has a floating reference count.
bool is_of_type (const VariantType & type) const
 Checks if a value has a type matching the provided type.
bool is_container () const
 Checks if value is a container.
GVariantClass classify () const
 Classifies value according to its top-level type.
gsize get_size () const
 Determines the number of bytes that would be required to store value with g_variant_store().
gconstpointer get_data () const
 Returns a pointer to the serialized form of a Variant instance.
Glib::RefPtr< const Glib::Bytesget_data_as_bytes () const
 Returns a pointer to the serialized form of a Variant instance.
void store (gpointer data) const
 Stores the serialized form of value at data.
Glib::ustring print (bool type_annotate=false) const
 Pretty-prints value in the format understood by g_variant_parse().
guint hash () const
 Generates a hash value for a Variant instance.
bool equal (const VariantBase &other) const
 Checks if *this and other have the same type and value.
bool operator== (const VariantBase &other) const
 Checks if *this and other have the same type and value.
bool operator!= (const VariantBase &other) const
 Checks if *this and other have the same type and value.
bool operator< (const VariantBase &other) const =delete
 Ordering relational operators.
bool operator<= (const VariantBase &other) const =delete
 See operator<().
bool operator> (const VariantBase &other) const =delete
 See operator<().
bool operator>= (const VariantBase &other) const =delete
 See operator<().
void get_normal_form (VariantBase &result) const
 Gets a VariantBase instance that has the same value as this variant and is trusted to be in normal form.
bool is_normal_form () const
 Checks if value is in normal form.
void byteswap (VariantBase &result) const
 Performs a byteswapping operation on the contents of this variant.
bool check_format_string (const std::string & format_string, bool copy_only=false) const
 Checks if calling g_variant_get() with format_string on value would be valid from a type-compatibility standpoint.
template<typename ValueType >
ValueType get_dynamic () const
 Cast to a specific variant type and get the value.

Static Public Member Functions

static const VariantTypevariant_type ()
 Gets the Glib::VariantType.
static Variant< DBusHandlecreate (DBusHandle data)
 Creates a new Glib::Variant<DBusHandle>.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Glib::VariantBase
template<class V_CastTo >
static V_CastTo cast_dynamic (const VariantBase &v)
 Cast to a specific variant type.
VariantContainerBase cast_dynamic (const VariantBase &v)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Glib::VariantBase

Detailed Description

Specialization of Glib::Variant containing a DBusHandle type.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ CType

using Glib::Variant< DBusHandle >::CType = gint32

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Variant() [1/2]

Glib::Variant< DBusHandle >::Variant ( )

Default constructor.

◆ Variant() [2/2]

Glib::Variant< DBusHandle >::Variant ( GVariant< DBusHandle > *  castitem,
bool  take_a_reference = false 

GVariant constructor.

castitemThe GVariant to wrap.
take_a_referenceWhether to take an extra reference of the GVariant or not (not taking one could destroy the GVariant with the wrapper).

Member Function Documentation

◆ create()

static Variant< DBusHandle > Glib::Variant< DBusHandle >::create ( DBusHandle  data)

Creates a new Glib::Variant<DBusHandle>.

dataThe value of the new Glib::Variant<DBusHandle>.
The new Glib::Variant<DBusHandle>.

◆ get()

DBusHandle Glib::Variant< DBusHandle >::get ( ) const

Gets the value of the Glib::Variant<DBusHandle>.

The DBusHandle value of the Glib::Variant<DBusHandle>.

◆ variant_type()

static const VariantType & Glib::Variant< DBusHandle >::variant_type ( )

Gets the Glib::VariantType.

The Glib::VariantType.