since: 1.30

Declaration [src]

const PangoLogAttr*
pango_layout_get_log_attrs_readonly (
  PangoLayout* layout,
  gint* n_attrs

Description [src]

Retrieves an array of logical attributes for each character in the layout.

This is a faster alternative to pango_layout_get_log_attrs(). The returned array is part of layout and must not be modified. Modifying the layout will invalidate the returned array.

The number of attributes returned in n_attrs will be one more than the total number of characters in the layout, since there need to be attributes corresponding to both the position before the first character and the position after the last character.

Available since: 1.30



Type: gint*

Location to store the number of the attributes in the array.

The argument will be set by the function.

Return value

Type: An array of PangoLogAttr

An array of logical attributes.

The length of the array is in the n_attrs argument.
The returned data is owned by the instance.