deprecated: 4.10 

Declaration [src]

gtk_cell_area_context_allocate (
  GtkCellAreaContext* context,
  int width,
  int height

Description [src]

Allocates a width and/or a height for all rows which are to be rendered with context.

Usually allocation is performed only horizontally or sometimes vertically since a group of rows are usually rendered side by side vertically or horizontally and share either the same width or the same height. Sometimes they are allocated in both horizontal and vertical orientations producing a homogeneous effect of the rows. This is generally the case for GtkTreeView when GtkTreeView:fixed-height-mode is enabled.

Deprecated since: 4.10

This object will be removed in GTK 5



Type: int

The allocated width for all GtkTreeModel rows rendered with context, or -1


Type: int

The allocated height for all GtkTreeModel rows rendered with context, or -1