deprecated: 4.10 

Declaration [src]

gtk_tree_view_column_set_fixed_width (
  GtkTreeViewColumn* tree_column,
  int fixed_width

Description [src]

If fixed_width is not -1, sets the fixed width of tree_column; otherwise unsets it. The effective value of fixed_width is clamped between the minimum and maximum width of the column; however, the value stored in the “fixed-width” property is not clamped. If the column sizing is GTK_TREE_VIEW_COLUMN_GROW_ONLY or GTK_TREE_VIEW_COLUMN_AUTOSIZE, setting a fixed width overrides the automatically calculated width. Note that fixed_width is only a hint to GTK; the width actually allocated to the column may be greater or less than requested.

Along with “expand”, the “fixed-width” property changes when the column is resized by the user.

Deprecated since: 4.10

Use GtkColumnView instead.



Type: int

The new fixed width, in pixels, or -1.