since: 4.0


property preload: gboolean [ read, write ]

Description [src]

Whether the drop data should be preloaded when the pointer is only hovering over the widget but has not been released.

Setting this property allows finer grained reaction to an ongoing drop at the cost of loading more data.

The default value for this property is FALSE to avoid downloading huge amounts of data by accident.

For example, if somebody drags a full document of gigabytes of text from a text editor across a widget with a preloading drop target, this data will be downloaded, even if the data is ultimately dropped elsewhere.

For a lot of data formats, the amount of data is very small (like GDK_TYPE_RGBA), so enabling this property does not hurt at all. And for local-only Drag-and-Drop operations, no data transfer is done, so enabling it there is free.

Type: gboolean
Available since:4.0
Default valueFALSE
Getter methodgtk_drop_target_get_preload()
Setter methodgtk_drop_target_set_preload()


Construct onlyno