Serializing GVariants [src]

Serializing GVariants

GVariant is a serialization format mainly used as the wire data for D-Bus, as well as storing values in GSettings. JSON-GLib provides utility functions to serialize and deserialize GVariant data to and from JSON.

Use json_gvariant_serialize() and json_gvariant_serialize_data() to convert from any GVariant value to a JsonNode tree or its string representation.

Use json_gvariant_deserialize() and json_gvariant_deserialize_data() to obtain the GVariant value from a JsonNode tree or directly from a JSON string.

Since many GVariant data types cannot be directly represented as JSON, a GVariant type string (signature) should be provided to these methods in order to obtain a correct, type-contrained result. If no signature is provided, conversion can still be done, but the resulting GVariant value will be “guessed” from the JSON data types using the following rules:

Strings: A JSON string maps to a GVariant string (s).

Integers: A JSON integer maps to a GVariant 64-bit integer (x).

Booleans: A JSON boolean maps to a GVariant boolean (b).

Numbers: A JSON number maps to a GVariant double (d).

Arrays: A JSON array maps to a GVariant array of variants (av).

Objects: A JSON object maps to a GVariant dictionary of string to variants (a{sv}).

NULL values: A JSON null value maps to a GVariant “maybe” variant (mv).