since: 1.2

Declaration [src]

adw_about_window_set_release_notes (
  AdwAboutWindow* self,
  const char* release_notes

Description [src]

Sets the release notes for self.

Release notes are displayed on the the What’s New page.

Release notes are formatted the same way as AppStream descriptions.

The supported formatting options are:

  • Paragraph (<p>)
  • Ordered list (<ol>), with list items (<li>)
  • Unordered list (<ul>), with list items (<li>)

Within paragraphs and list items, emphasis (<em>) and inline code (<code>) text styles are supported. The emphasis is rendered in italic, while inline code is shown in a monospaced font.

Any text outside paragraphs or list items is ignored.

Nested lists are not supported.

AdwAboutWindow displays the version above the release notes. If set, the AdwAboutWindow:release-notes-version of the property will be used as the version; otherwise, AdwAboutWindow:version is used.

Available since: 1.2



Type: const char*

The release notes.

The data is owned by the caller of the method.
The value is a NUL terminated UTF-8 string.