Declaration [src]

adw_tab_page_set_indicator_icon (
  AdwTabPage* self,
  GIcon* indicator_icon

Description [src]

Sets the indicator icon of self.

A common use case is an audio or camera indicator in a web browser.

AdwTabBar will show it at the beginning of the tab, alongside icon representing AdwTabPage:icon or loading spinner.

If the page is pinned, the indicator will be shown instead of icon or spinner.

AdwTabOverview will show it at the at the top part of the thumbnail.

AdwTabPage:indicator-tooltip can be used to set the tooltip on the indicator icon.

If AdwTabPage:indicator-activatable is set to TRUE, the indicator icon can act as a button.



Type: GIcon

The indicator icon of self.

The argument can be NULL.
The data is owned by the caller of the method.