Declaration [src]

adw_style_manager_set_color_scheme (
  AdwStyleManager* self,
  AdwColorScheme color_scheme

Description [src]

Sets the requested application color scheme.

The effective appearance will be decided based on the application color scheme and the system preferred color scheme. The AdwStyleManager:dark property can be used to query the current effective appearance.

The ADW_COLOR_SCHEME_PREFER_LIGHT color scheme results in the application using light appearance unless the system prefers dark colors. This is the default value.

The ADW_COLOR_SCHEME_PREFER_DARK color scheme results in the application using dark appearance, but can still switch to the light appearance if the system can prefers it, for example, when the high contrast preference is enabled.

The ADW_COLOR_SCHEME_FORCE_LIGHT and ADW_COLOR_SCHEME_FORCE_DARK values ignore the system preference entirely. They are useful if the application wants to match its UI to its content or to provide a separate color scheme switcher.

If a per-GdkDisplay style manager has its color scheme set to ADW_COLOR_SCHEME_DEFAULT, it will inherit the color scheme from the default style manager.

For the default style manager, ADW_COLOR_SCHEME_DEFAULT is equivalent to ADW_COLOR_SCHEME_PREFER_LIGHT.

The AdwStyleManager:system-supports-color-schemes property can be used to check if the current environment provides a color scheme preference.



Type: AdwColorScheme

The color scheme.