Migrating between development versions

This guide outlines the differences between Libadwaita development releases. It assumes you’ve already migrated from Libhandy 1.4 to Libadwaita, or you created a new project using a development release of Libadwaita.

If you want to migrate from Libhandy 1.4 to the latest Libadwaita release, follow this guide.

Migrating from alpha 1 to alpha 2

Adapt to view switcher API Changes

AdwViewSwitcher, AdwViewSwitcherBar and AdwViewSwitcherTitle now use AdwViewStack instead of GtkStack.

You should stop using GtkStack:transition-type and GtkStack:transition-duration properties before switching to AdwViewStack.

Adapt to Stylesheet Changes

The public colors theme_selected_bg_color and theme_selected_fg_color have been renamed to accent_bg_color and accent_fg_color.

If you were using theme_selected_bg_color as a text color, use accent_color instead to make sure the text is readable. You can also use the .accent style class to apply the correct color.