This document is the API reference for Handy 0.0.11

Handy is a library to help you write apps for GTK/GNOME based mobile phones.

If you find any issues in this API reference, please report it using the bugtracker.

Compiling with libhandy — Notes on compiling
Visual index — Widget overview
Widgets and Objects
HdyActionRow — A GtkListBox row used to present actions
Animation Helpers — Animation helpers
HdyArrows — Arrows indicating a swipe direction
HdyColumn — A container letting its child grow up to a given width.
HdyComboRow — A GtkListBox row used to choose from a list of items
HdyDialer — A keypad for dialing numbers
HdyDialerButton — A button on a HdyDialer keypad
HdyDialerCycleButton — A button on a HdyDialer keypad cycling through available symbols
HdyDialog — An adaptive dialog
HdyEnumValueObject — An object representing a GEnumValue.
HdyExpanderRow — A GtkListBox row used to reveal widgets
HdyHeaderBar — A box with a centered child
HdyLeaflet — An adaptive container acting like a box or a stack.
HdyPaginator — A paginated scrolling widget.
HdyPreferencesGroup — A group gathering preferences rows
HdyPreferencesPage — A page from the preferences window.
HdyPreferencesRow — A GtkListBox row used to present preferences
HdyPreferencesWindow — A window to present an application's preferences.
HdySearchBar — A toolbar to integrate a search entry with
HdySqueezer — A best fit container
HdyTitleBar — A simple title bar container.
HdyValueObject — An object representing a GValue.
HdyViewSwitcher — An adaptive view switcher
HdyViewSwitcherBar — An view switcher action bar
hdy-version — Handy version checking
hdy-main — Library initialization
HdyStringUtf8GString utf-8 helpers
HdyFold — Element folding states
GtkListBox helpers — Helper functions for GtkListBox
Object Hierarchy
API Index
Annotations glossary