This document is the API reference for Handy 1.4.0.

Handy is a library to help you write apps for GTK/GNOME based mobile phones.

If you find any issues in this API reference, please report it using the bugtracker.

Compiling with libhandy — Notes on compiling.
Visual index — Widget overview.
Widgets and Objects
HdyActionRow — A GtkListBox row used to present actions.
Animation Helpers — Animation helpers
HdyApplicationWindow — A freeform application window.
HdyAvatar — A widget displaying an image, with a generated fallback.
HdyCarousel — A paginated scrolling widget.
HdyCarouselIndicatorDots — A dots indicator for HdyCarousel
HdyCarouselIndicatorLines — A lines indicator for HdyCarousel
HdyClamp — A container constraining its child to a given size.
HdyComboRow — A GtkListBox row used to choose from a list of items.
HdyDeck — A swipeable widget showing one of the visible children at a time.
HdyEnumValueObject — An object representing a GEnumValue.
HdyExpanderRow — A GtkListBox row used to reveal widgets.
HdyFlap — An adaptive container acting like a box or an overlay.
HdyHeaderBar — A box with a centered child.
HdyHeaderGroup — An object handling composite title bars.
HdyKeypad — A keypad for dialing numbers
HdyLeaflet — An adaptive container acting like a box or a stack.
HdyNavigationDirection — Swipe navigation directions.
HdyPreferencesGroup — A group gathering preferences rows.
HdyPreferencesPage — A page from the preferences window.
HdyPreferencesRow — A GtkListBox row used to present preferences.
HdyPreferencesWindow — A window to present an application's preferences.
HdySearchBar — A toolbar to integrate a search entry with.
HdySqueezer — A best fit container.
HdyStatusPage — A page used for empty/error states and similar use-cases.
HdySwipeable — An interface for swipeable widgets.
HdySwipeTracker — Swipe tracker used in HdyCarousel and HdyLeaflet
HdyTabBar — A tab bar for HdyTabView
HdyTabView — A dynamic tabbed container
HdyValueObject — An object representing a GValue.
HdyViewSwitcher — An adaptive view switcher.
HdyViewSwitcherBar — A view switcher action bar.
HdyViewSwitcherTitle — A view switcher title.
HdyWindow — A freeform window.
HdyWindowHandle — A bin that acts like a titlebar.
hdy-version — Handy version checking.
hdy-main — Library initialization.
HdySwipeGroup — An object for syncing swipeable widgets.
HdyTitleBar — A simple title bar container.
Migrating from Previous Versions of Handy
Migrating from Handy 0.0.x to Handy 1 — Notes on migration to Handy 1.
Object Hierarchy
API Index
Index of deprecated API
Index of new symbols in 0.0.6
Index of new symbols in 0.0.7
Index of new symbols in 0.0.8
Index of new symbols in 0.0.10
Index of new symbols in 0.0.11
Index of new symbols in 0.0.12
Index of new symbols in 1.0
Index of new symbols in 1.2
Index of new symbols in 1.4
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