[][src]Struct librsvg::SvgHandle

pub struct SvgHandle(Handle);

Handle used to hold SVG data in memory.

You can create this from one of the read methods in Loader.


impl SvgHandle[src]

pub fn has_element_with_id(&self, id: &str) -> Result<bool, RenderingError>[src]

Checks if the SVG has an element with the specified id.

Note that the id must be a plain fragment identifier like #foo, with a leading # character.

The purpose of the Err() case in the return value is to indicate an incorrectly-formatted id argument.

pub fn set_stylesheet(&mut self, css: &str) -> Result<(), LoadingError>[src]

Sets a CSS stylesheet to use for an SVG document.

During the CSS cascade, the specified stylesheet will be used with a "User" origin.

Note that @import rules will not be resolved, except for data: URLs.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !Send for SvgHandle

impl !Sync for SvgHandle

impl Unpin for SvgHandle

impl !UnwindSafe for SvgHandle

impl !RefUnwindSafe for SvgHandle

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