Type Alias rsvg::error::ParseError

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pub type ParseError<'i> = ParseError<'i, ValueErrorKind>;
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A short-lived error.

The lifetime of the error is the same as the cssparser::ParserInput that was used to create a cssparser::Parser. That is, it is the lifetime of the string data that is being parsed.

The code flow will sometimes require preserving this error as a long-lived struct; see the impl<'i, O> AttributeResultExt<O> for Result<O, ParseError<'i>> for that purpose.

Aliased Type§

struct ParseError<'i> {
    pub kind: ParseErrorKind<'i, ValueErrorKind>,
    pub location: SourceLocation,


§kind: ParseErrorKind<'i, ValueErrorKind>

Details of this error

§location: SourceLocation

Location where this error occurred