Module rsvg::properties

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CSS properties, specified values, computed values.

To implement support for a CSS property, do the following:

  • Create a type that will hold the property’s values. Please do this in the file; you should cut-and-paste from the existing property definitions or read the documentation of the [make_property] macro. You should read the documentation for the property_defs module to see all that is involved in creating a type for a property.

  • Modify the call to the make_properties macro in this module to include the new property’s name.

  • Modify the rest of librsvg wherever the computed value of the property needs to be used. This is available in methods that take an argument of type ComputedValues.




  • Holds the computed values for the CSS properties of an element.
  • Holds the specified values for the CSS properties of an element.


  • How to parse a value, whether it comes from a property or from a presentation attribute
  • Embodies “which property is this” plus the property’s value
  • Whether a property also has a presentation attribute.
  • PropertyId 🔒
    Used to match ParsedProperty to their discriminant
  • Representation of a single CSS property value.