pub struct ComputedValues {
Show 66 fields baseline_shift: BaselineShift, clip_path: ClipPath, clip_rule: ClipRule, color: Color, color_interpolation_filters: ColorInterpolationFilters, cx: CX, cy: CY, direction: Direction, display: Display, enable_background: EnableBackground, fill: Fill, fill_opacity: FillOpacity, fill_rule: FillRule, filter: Filter, flood_color: FloodColor, flood_opacity: FloodOpacity, font_family: FontFamily, font_size: FontSize, font_stretch: FontStretch, font_style: FontStyle, font_variant: FontVariant, font_weight: FontWeight, glyph_orientation_vertical: GlyphOrientationVertical, height: Height, letter_spacing: LetterSpacing, lighting_color: LightingColor, marker_end: MarkerEnd, marker_mid: MarkerMid, marker_start: MarkerStart, mask: Mask, opacity: Opacity, overflow: Overflow, r: R, rx: RX, ry: RY, shape_rendering: ShapeRendering, stop_color: StopColor, stop_opacity: StopOpacity, stroke: Stroke, stroke_dasharray: StrokeDasharray, stroke_dashoffset: StrokeDashoffset, stroke_line_cap: StrokeLinecap, stroke_line_join: StrokeLinejoin, stroke_miterlimit: StrokeMiterlimit, stroke_opacity: StrokeOpacity, stroke_width: StrokeWidth, text_anchor: TextAnchor, text_decoration: TextDecoration, text_rendering: TextRendering, transform_property: TransformProperty, unicode_bidi: UnicodeBidi, visibility: Visibility, width: Width, writing_mode: WritingMode, x: X, y: Y, isolation: Isolation, line_height: LineHeight, mask_type: MaskType, mix_blend_mode: MixBlendMode, paint_order: PaintOrder, text_orientation: TextOrientation, vector_effect: VectorEffect, xml_lang: XmlLang, xml_space: XmlSpace, transform: Transform,
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Holds the computed values for the CSS properties of an element.


§baseline_shift: BaselineShift§clip_path: ClipPath§clip_rule: ClipRule§color: Color§color_interpolation_filters: ColorInterpolationFilters§cx: CX§cy: CY§direction: Direction§display: Display§enable_background: EnableBackground§fill: Fill§fill_opacity: FillOpacity§fill_rule: FillRule§filter: Filter§flood_color: FloodColor§flood_opacity: FloodOpacity§font_family: FontFamily§font_size: FontSize§font_stretch: FontStretch§font_style: FontStyle§font_variant: FontVariant§font_weight: FontWeight§glyph_orientation_vertical: GlyphOrientationVertical§height: Height§letter_spacing: LetterSpacing§lighting_color: LightingColor§marker_end: MarkerEnd§marker_mid: MarkerMid§marker_start: MarkerStart§mask: Mask§opacity: Opacity§overflow: Overflow§r: R§rx: RX§ry: RY§shape_rendering: ShapeRendering§stop_color: StopColor§stop_opacity: StopOpacity§stroke: Stroke§stroke_dasharray: StrokeDasharray§stroke_dashoffset: StrokeDashoffset§stroke_line_cap: StrokeLinecap§stroke_line_join: StrokeLinejoin§stroke_miterlimit: StrokeMiterlimit§stroke_opacity: StrokeOpacity§stroke_width: StrokeWidth§text_anchor: TextAnchor§text_decoration: TextDecoration§text_rendering: TextRendering§transform_property: TransformProperty§unicode_bidi: UnicodeBidi§visibility: Visibility§width: Width§writing_mode: WritingMode§x: X§y: Y§isolation: Isolation§line_height: LineHeight§mask_type: MaskType§mix_blend_mode: MixBlendMode§paint_order: PaintOrder§text_orientation: TextOrientation§vector_effect: VectorEffect§xml_lang: XmlLang§xml_space: XmlSpace§transform: Transform


Whether we should draw the element or skip both space allocation and drawing.

Whether we should draw the element or allocate its space but skip drawing.

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The type returned in the event of a conversion error.
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