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Definitions for CSS property types.

Do not import things directly from this module; use the properties module instead, which re-exports things from here.

This module defines most of the CSS property types that librsvg supports. Each property requires a Rust type that will hold its values, and that type should implement a few traits, as follows.

§Requirements for a property type

You should call the [make_property] macro to take care of most of these requirements automatically:

  • A name for the type. For example, the fill property has a Fill type defined in this module.

  • An initial value per the CSS or SVG specs, given through an implementation of the Default trait.

  • Whether the property’s computed value inherits to child elements, given through an implementation of the Property trait and its inherits_automatically method.

  • A way to derive the CSS computed value for the property, given through an implementation of the Property trait and its compute method.

  • The actual underlying type. For example, the [make_property] macro can generate a field-less enum for properties like the clip-rule property, which just has identifier-based values like nonzero and evenodd. For general-purpose types like Length, the macro can wrap them in a newtype like struct StrokeWidth(Length). For custom types, the macro call can be used just to define the initial/default value and whether the property inherits automatically; you should provide the other required trait implementations separately.

  • An implementation of the Parse trait for the underlying type.