Application support

GApplication — Core application class
GApplicationCommandLine — A command-line invocation of an application
GActionGroup — A group of actions
GActionMap — Interface for action containers
GSimpleActionGroup — A simple GActionGroup implementation
GAction — An action interface
GSimpleAction — A simple GAction implementation
GPropertyAction — A GAction reflecting a GObject property
GRemoteActionGroup — A GActionGroup that interacts with other processes
GActionGroup exporter — Export GActionGroups on D-Bus
GDBusActionGroup — A D-Bus GActionGroup implementation
GDebugController — Debugging controller
GDebugControllerDBus — Debugging controller D-Bus implementation
GMemoryMonitor — Memory usage monitor
GMenuModel — An abstract class representing the contents of a menu
GMenu — A simple implementation of GMenuModel
GMenuModel exporter — Export GMenuModels on D-Bus
GDBusMenuModel — A D-Bus GMenuModel implementation
GNotification — User Notifications (pop up messages)
GPowerProfileMonitor — Power profile monitor