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Poke (IN  b make_sad,
      IN  b make_happy);


Jumped (d height);


Mood  readable   s
Foo   readable   s
Bar   readable   s


This D-Bus interface is used to describe a simple animal.

Since 2.30

Method Details

The Poke() method

Poke (IN  b make_sad,
      IN  b make_happy);

Method used to changing the mood of the animal. See also the "Mood" property.

IN b make_sad:

Whether to make the animal sad.

IN b make_happy:

Whether to make the animal happy.

Since 2.30

Signal Details

The "Jumped" signal

Jumped (d height);

Emitted when the animal decides to jump.

d height:

Height, in meters, that the animal jumped.

Since 2.30

Property Details

The "Mood" property

Mood  readable   s

The mood of the animal. Known values for this property include Happy and Sad. Use the Poke() method to change this property.

This property influences how often the animal jumps up and down, see the "Jumped" signal for more details.

Since 2.30

The "Foo" property

Foo  readable   s

Property with no since annotation (should inherit the 2.30 from its containing interface).

Since 2.30

The "Bar" property

Bar  readable   s

Property with a later since annotation.

Since 2.36