Streaming I/O

GSeekable — Stream seeking interface
GInputStream — Base class for implementing streaming input
GOutputStream — Base class for implementing streaming output
GIOStream — Base class for implementing read/write streams
GSimpleIOStream — A wrapper around an input and an output stream.
GFileInputStream — File input streaming operations
GFileOutputStream — File output streaming operations
GFileIOStream — File read and write streaming operations
GFileDescriptorBased — Interface for file descriptor based IO
GFilterInputStream — Filter Input Stream
GFilterOutputStream — Filter Output Stream
GMemoryInputStream — Streaming input operations on memory chunks
GMemoryOutputStream — Streaming output operations on memory chunks
GBufferedInputStream — Buffered Input Stream
GBufferedOutputStream — Buffered Output Stream
GDataInputStream — Data Input Stream
GDataOutputStream — Data Output Stream
GUnixInputStream — Streaming input operations for UNIX file descriptors
GUnixOutputStream — Streaming output operations for UNIX file descriptors
GConverterInputStream — Converter Input Stream
GConverterOutputStream — Converter Output Stream
GPollableInputStream — Interface for pollable input streams
GPollableOutputStream — Interface for pollable output streams
gpollableutils — Utilities for pollable streams