GLib Utilities

String Utility Functions — various string-related functions
Character Set Conversion — convert strings between different character sets
Unicode Manipulation — functions operating on Unicode characters and UTF-8 strings
Base64 Encoding — encodes and decodes data in Base64 format
Data Checksums — computes the checksum for data
Secure HMAC Digests — computes the HMAC for data
Internationalization — gettext support macros
Date and Time Functions — calendrical calculations and miscellaneous time stuff
GTimeZone — a structure representing a time zone
GDateTime — a structure representing Date and Time
Random Numbers — pseudo-random number generator
Hook Functions — support for manipulating lists of hook functions
Miscellaneous Utility Functions — a selection of portable utility functions
Lexical Scanner — a general purpose lexical scanner
Timers — keep track of elapsed time
Spawning Processes — process launching
File Utilities — various file-related functions
URI Functions — URI-handling utilities
Hostname Utilities — Internet hostname utilities
Shell-related Utilities — shell-like commandline handling
Commandline option parser — parses commandline options
Glob-style pattern matching — matches strings against patterns containing '*' (wildcard) and '?' (joker)
Perl-compatible regular expressions — matches strings against regular expressions
Regular expression syntax — syntax and semantics of regular expressions supported by GRegex
Simple XML Subset Parser — parses a subset of XML
Key-value file parser — parses .ini-like config files
Bookmark file parser — parses files containing bookmarks
Testing — a test framework
UNIX-specific utilities and integration — pipes, signal handling
Windows Compatibility Functions — UNIX emulation on Windows
GUuid — a universally unique identifier