This documentation is for libsoup 3.0. You can find older versions online at

I. Overview
Building with libsoup
Creating a Basic Client
Creating a SoupSession
Downloading Into Memory
Efficiently Streaming Data
Using Asynchronously
Advanced Usage
Customizing Session Options
Adding Session Features
Using a proxy
Using the SoupMessage API
Handling authentication
Everything TLS Related
Accepting Invalid or Pinned Certificates
Setting a Custom CA
Using Client Certificates
Server Basics
Migrating from libsoup 2
II. API Reference
SoupCookie — HTTP Cookies
SoupMessage — An HTTP request and response.
SoupMessageHeaders — HTTP message headers
SoupHeaders — Functions to help working with HTTP Headers
SoupMethod — HTTP method definitions
SoupMultipart — multipart HTTP message bodies
SoupMultipartInputStream — Multipart input handling stream
SoupSession — Soup session state object
SoupStatus — HTTP (and libsoup) status codes
HTTP Server
SoupServer — HTTP server
SoupServerMessage — An HTTP server request and response.
SoupMessageBody — HTTP message body
Additional Features
SoupSessionFeature — Interface for miscellaneous session features
SoupContentDecoder — Content-Encoding handler
SoupContentSniffer — Content sniffing for SoupSession
SoupLogger — Debug logging support
SoupAuthManager — HTTP client-side authentication handler
SoupAuth — HTTP client-side authentication support
SoupAuthDomain — Server-side authentication
SoupAuthDomainBasic — Server-side "Basic" authentication
SoupAuthDomainDigest — Server-side "Digest" authentication
SoupCache — Caching support
Cookie Storage Support
SoupCookieJar — Automatic cookie handling for SoupSession
SoupCookieJarText — Text-file-based ("cookies.txt") Cookie Jar
SoupCookieJarDB — Database-based Cookie Jar
HSTS Support
SoupHSTSEnforcer — Automatic HTTP Strict Transport Security enforcing for SoupSession
SoupHSTSEnforcerDB — Persistent HTTP Strict Transport Security enforcer
SoupHSTSPolicy — HSTS policies
SoupMessageMetrics — Message metrics
Web Services APIs
SoupForm — HTML form handling
WebSocket Support
SoupWebsocket — The WebSocket Protocol
SoupWebsocketExtension — a WebSocket extension
Utility API
DateTime Utilities — Functions to help working with GDateTime and HTTP
SoupTLD — Top-Level Domain Utilities
URI Utilities — Functions to help working with GUri and HTTP
Version Information — Variables and functions to check the libsoup version
Index of all symbols
Annotation Glossary