Declaration [src]

soup_cookie_set_max_age (
  SoupCookie* cookie,
  int max_age

Description [src]

Sets cookies max age to max_age.

If max_age is -1, the cookie is a session cookie, and will expire at the end of the client’s session. Otherwise, it is the number of seconds until the cookie expires. You can use the constants SOUP_COOKIE_MAX_AGE_ONE_HOUR, SOUP_COOKIE_MAX_AGE_ONE_DAY, SOUP_COOKIE_MAX_AGE_ONE_WEEK and SOUP_COOKIE_MAX_AGE_ONE_YEAR (or multiples thereof) to calculate this value. (A value of 0 indicates that the cookie should be considered already-expired.)

This sets the same property as soup_cookie_set_expires().


max_age int

The new max age.