libxml2 API Modules

HTMLparser - interface for an HTML 4.0 non-verifying parser
HTMLtree - specific APIs to process HTML tree, especially serialization
SAX - Old SAX version 1 handler, deprecated
SAX2 - SAX2 parser interface used to build the DOM tree
c14n - Provide Canonical XML and Exclusive XML Canonicalization
catalog - interfaces to the Catalog handling system
chvalid - Unicode character range checking
debugXML - Tree debugging APIs
dict - string dictionary
encoding - interface for the encoding conversion functions
entities - interface for the XML entities handling
globals - interface for all global variables of the library
hash - Chained hash tables
list - lists interfaces
nanoftp - minimal FTP implementation
nanohttp - minimal HTTP implementation
parser - the core parser module
parserInternals - internals routines and limits exported by the parser.
pattern - pattern expression handling
relaxng - implementation of the Relax-NG validation
schemasInternals - internal interfaces for XML Schemas
schematron - XML Schematron implementation
threads - interfaces for thread handling
tree - interfaces for tree manipulation
uri - library of generic URI related routines
valid - The DTD validation
xinclude - implementation of XInclude
xlink - unfinished XLink detection module
xmlIO - interface for the I/O interfaces used by the parser
xmlautomata - API to build regexp automata
xmlerror - error handling
xmlexports - macros for marking symbols as exportable/importable.
xmlmemory - interface for the memory allocator
xmlmodule - dynamic module loading
xmlreader - the XMLReader implementation
xmlregexp - regular expressions handling
xmlsave - the XML document serializer
xmlschemas - incomplete XML Schemas structure implementation
xmlschemastypes - implementation of XML Schema Datatypes
xmlstring - set of routines to process strings
xmlunicode - Unicode character APIs
xmlversion - compile-time version information
xmlwriter - text writing API for XML
xpath - XML Path Language implementation
xpathInternals - internal interfaces for XML Path Language implementation
xpointer - API to handle XML Pointers