Adwaita Application

Adw.Application extends Gtk.Application to ease some task related to creating applications for GNOME.

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We previously touched Gtk.Application in this tutorial.

Adwaita also have Adw.ApplicationWindow, it’s a subclass of Gtk.ApplicationWindow that provides the same “freform” features from Adw.Window.


Using Adw.Application will also call Adw.init() for you, this function initialize de library, making sure that translations, types, themes, icons and stylesheets needed by the library are set up properly.


If you make use of Gio.Resource, Adw.Application will automatically load stylesheets located in the application’s resource base path.

This way you don’t need to manually load stylesheets, and it will load the matching stylesheets depending on the system appearance settings exposed by Adw.StyleManager.