This document is the API reference for RetroGTK 1.0.0.

RetroGTK is a Libretro frontend as a library.

If you find any issues in this API reference, please report it using the bugtracker.

RetroGTK Overview
API Reference
Version — Version checking
RetroController — An interface representing an input controller
RetroController Codes — Controller input codes and Linux convertion functions
RetroControllerIterator — An object iterating through the controllers plugged into a RetroCore
RetroControllerType — A controller type enumeration
RetroCore — An object handling a Libretro core
RetroCore Logging Functions — Functions to log a Libretro core
RetroCoreDescriptor — An object describing the capabilities and requirements of a Libretro core
RetroCoreView — A widget to handle a core's inputs and outputs
RetroInput — A structure representing a controller input
RetroKeyJoypadMapping — An object mapping keyboard keys to joypad inputs
RetroModuleIterator — An object iterating through the available Libretro cores
RetroModuleQuery — An object to query the available Libretro cores
RetroOption — An object representing an option from a Libretro core
RetroOptionIterator — An object iterating through the options of a RetroCore
RetroPixdata — A structure holding the video output from a RetroCore
RetroVideoFilter — A video filter enumeration
Pixbuf Functions — Functions for GdkPixbuf
Object Hierarchy
API Index
Annotations glossary