librygel-core API Reference

RygelConnectionManager — Basic implementation of UPnP ConnectionManager service version 2.
RygelConfiguration — Interface for dealing with Rygel configuration.
RygelResourceInfo — Holds information about a particular resource (device and service) implementation.
RygelDescriptionFile — Represents a device description document and offers methods for easy manipulation of those.
RygelPluginLoader — This class is responsible for plugin loading.
RygelPluginInformation — Parse plugin sidecar file and provide path to the module.
RygelIconInfo — Holds information about an icon.
RygelRecursiveModuleLoader — Recursively walk a folder looking for shared libraries.
RygelRootDevice — This represents a UPnP root device.
RygelPlugin — This represents a Rygel plugin.
RygelMediaDevice — This is a base class for implementations of UPnP devices, such as RygelMediaServer and RygelMediaRenderer.
RygelBaseConfiguration — Base class that can be used for configuration implementations.
RygelRootDeviceFactory — This is a factory to create RygelRootDevice objects for a given UPnP context.
RygelMetaConfig — Manages all the configuration sources for Rygel.
RygelXMLUtilsIterator — Convenience class to iterate over Xml.Node's siblings in vala's foreach loop.
RygelStateMachine — StateMachine interface.
RygelDLNAProfile — Data class representing a DLNA profile. It contains the name and the corresponding DLNA mime type.
RygelV1Hacks — Various devices that need a downgrade to MediaServer:1 and ContentDirectory:1 because they ignore that higher versions are required to be backwards-compatible.