librygel-server API Reference

RygelAudioItem — Represents an audio item contained in a file.
RygelContentDirectory — Basic implementation of UPnP ContentDirectory service version 2. Most often plugins will provide a child of this class. The inheriting classes should override create_root_container method.
RygelDataSource — Interface for all data streams provided by a RygelMediaEngine.
RygelDLNAAvailableSeekRangeRequest — This class represents a DLNA getAvailableSeekRange request.
RygelHTTPGetHandler — HTTP GET request handler interface.
RygelHTTPGet — Responsible for handling HTTP GET & HEAD client requests.
RygelHTTPRequest — Base class for HTTP client requests.
RygelHTTPResponseElement — This abstract class represents an entity that can contribute response headers to a HTTP request.
RygelHTTPSeekRequest — HTTPSeekRequest is an abstract base for a variety of seek request types.
RygelHTTPTimeSeekRequest — This class represents a DLNA TimeSeekRange request.
RygelImageItem — Represents an image item.
RygelLogicalExpression — This is a parsed UPnP search expression consisting of two other search expressions joined by a boolean operator such as AND or OR.
RygelMediaArtStore — This maps RygelMusicItem objects to their cached cover art, implementing the GNOME MediaArt storage specification.
RygelMediaContainer — This is a container (folder) for media items and child containers.
RygelMediaEngine — This is the base class for media engines that contain knowledge about the streaming and transformational capabilites of the media library in use.
RygelMediaFileItem — Represents a file-accessible or http-accessible media item (music file, image file, video file, etc) with some pre-established metadata or a content placeholder for uploaded content.
RygelMediaItem — Abstract class representing a MediaItem
RygelMediaObjects — An array list that keeps media objects.
RygelMediaObject — Represents a media object (container or item).
RygelMediaResource — Represents a media resource (Music, Video, Image, etc).
RygelMediaServerPlugin — This is the base class for every Rygel implementation of a UPnP media server. It should be used either for a real plug-in for the Rygel process or used in-process via the librygel-server API.
RygelMediaServer — This class may be used to implement in-process UPnP-AV media servers.
RygelMusicItem — Represents a music item.
RygelPhotoItem — Represents a photo item.
RygelPlaylistItem — Represents a playlist item.
RygelPlaySpeedRequest — This class represents a DLNA PlaySpeed request (
RygelPlaySpeedResponse — This class represents a DLNA PlaySpeed response (
RygelPlaySpeed — This is a container for a PlaySpeed value.
RygelRelationalExpression — This is a parsed UPnP search expression consisting of two strings joined by a relational operator such as such <, <=, ==, !=, >, >=, derivedFrom or exists.
RygelSearchableContainer — The base class for searchable containers.
RygelSearchExpression — Represents a SearchExpression tree.
RygelSerializer — Proxy class hiding the different serializers (DIDL, DIDL_S, M3U) behind a single implementation.
RygelSimpleContainer — A simple implementation of RygelMediaContainer that keeps all RygelMediaObjects in memory. You should add children via rygel_simple_container_add_child_item().
RygelSubtitle — Represents a subtitle for a video.
RygelThumbnail — Represents a picture or video thumbnail.
RygelTrackableContainer — The base class for containers that provide automatic change tracking.
RygelUpdatableObject — This interface should be implemented by 'updatable' objects - ones that allow modifying their own metadata in some persistent storage.
RygelVideoItem — Represents a video item.
RygelVisualItem — An interface representing visual properties of an item stored in a file.
RygelWritableContainer — This interface should be implemented by 'writable' containers - ones that allow adding (via upload), removal and editing of items directly under them. Currently, only addition and removal are supported.