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I. Overview
II. Ontology
Nepomuk Information Element (NIE) — Top classes in the ontology. Almost everything else is subclass of these.
Nepomuk Annotation Ontology (NAO) — Tags, ratings and other common annotations to all classes
Nepomuk File Ontology (NFO) — About files and other desktop resources.
Nepomuk Contacts Ontology (NCO) — All about contacts. Rough equivalent of the VCARD standard.
Nepomuk MultiMedia (NMM) — Description of multimedia objects like Music, Video and Images
Maemo Feeds Ontology (MFO) — Model for feeds and alike online streams
Simplified Maemo Location Ontology (SLO) — Ontology for locations and landmarks
Tracker-specific annotations Ontology — Internal tracker properties
libosinfo-specific annotations Ontology — libosinfo properties