API reference


Builtin SPARQL functions – Builtin SPARQL functions

TrackerBatch – Update batches

TrackerEndpoint – Expose a database outside the process

TrackerEndpointDBus – DBus endpoint

TrackerEndpointHttp – HTTP endpoint

TrackerNamespaceManager – A set of well-known namespaces, and known abbreviations for them

TrackerNotifier – Listen to changes in the Tracker database

TrackerResource – Represents a single Tracker resource

TrackerSparqlConnection – Connection to SPARQL triple store

TrackerSparqlCursor – Iteration of the query results

TrackerSparqlError – Error codes

TrackerSparqlStatement – Prepared statements

URI Utilities – URI utility functions

Utility Functions – miscellaneous functionality

Utility Ontology Defines – Utility prefix definitions for common ontologies

Version Information – variables and functions to check Tracker version

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