Nepomuk Annotation Ontology (NAO)

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Additional Properties

deprecated, hasTag, identifier, isRelated, lastModified, numericRating

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Represents a generic tag

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Class hierarchy

╰── nao:Tag 

Predefined instances

nao:Tag has the following predefined instances:

  • nao:predefined-tag-favorite


Name Type Notes Description
description string This property extends rdfs:commentThis property is full-text-indexed, and can be looked up through fts:match In the context of the social semantic desktop the textual annotation provided via rdfs:comment is meant for technical users, the textual annotation here is aimed at average users and is meant to be used to define custom descriptions of resources on the desktop
prefLabel string This property is full-text-indexed, and can be looked up through fts:match A preferred label for a resource
isDefaultTag boolean
tagRelatedTo Class This property can have multiple values.

Property Details

Additional properties for rdfs:Resource


Properties this ontology defines which can describe rdfs:Resource resources.


Name Type Notes Description
deprecated boolean If this property is assigned, the subject class, property, or resource, is deprecated and should not be used in production systems any longer. It may be removed without further notice.
hasTag Resource This property can have multiple values. Defines an existing tag for a resource
identifier string Defines a generic identifier for a resource
isRelated Resource This property can have multiple values. This property defines a symmetric relation between any two resources. In order for this property to be used legally, the relationship must be symmetric.
lastModified dateTime This property extends dc:date last modification date
numericRating double Annotation for a resource in the form of a numeric rating (float value), allowed values are between 1 and 10 whereas 0 is interpreted as not set


  • Ludger van Elst, DFKI, <>
  • Michael Sintek, DFKI, <>
  • Siegfried Handschuh, DERI/NUIG, <>
  • Simon Scerri, DERI/NUIG, <>


  • Simon Scerri, DERI/NUIG, <>
  • Tracker developers (translation into turtle)


  • Antoni Mylka, DFKI, <>
  • Julien Gaugaz, L3S, <>
  • Knud Möller, DERI/NUIG, <>
  • Leo Sauermann, DFKI, <>
  • Max Völkel, FZI, <>
  • Sebastian Trüg, EDGE-IT, <>

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