since: 4.0

Description [src]

class Gtk.BuilderCScope : GObject.Object
  implements Gtk.BuilderScope {
  /* No available fields */

A GtkBuilderScope implementation for the C language.

GtkBuilderCScope instances use symbols explicitly added to builder with prior calls to gtk_builder_cscope_add_callback_symbol(). If developers want to do that, they are encouraged to create their own scopes for that purpose.

In the case that symbols are not explicitly added; GTK will uses GModule’s introspective features (by opening the module NULL) to look at the application’s symbol table. From here it tries to match the signal function names given in the interface description with symbols in the application.

Note that unless gtk_builder_cscope_add_callback_symbol() is called for all signal callbacks which are referenced by the loaded XML, this functionality will require that GModule be supported on the platform.

Available since: 4.0


hierarchy this GtkBuilderCScope implements_0 GtkBuilderScope this--implements_0 ancestor_0 GObject ancestor_0--this





Creates a new GtkBuilderCScope object to use with future GtkBuilder instances.

since: 4.0

Instance methods


Adds the callback_symbol to the scope of builder under the given callback_name.

since: 4.0


A convenience function to add many callbacks.

since: 4.0


Fetches a symbol previously added with gtk_builder_cscope_add_callback_symbol().

since: 4.0

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The notify signal is emitted on an object when one of its properties has its value set through g_object_set_property(), g_object_set(), et al.

since: 2.0

Class structure

struct GtkBuilderCScopeClass {
  GObjectClass parent_class;
No description available.
Class members
parent_class: GObjectClass
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