since: 4.10

Declaration [src]

gtk_editable_delegate_get_accessible_platform_state (
  GtkEditable* editable,
  GtkAccessiblePlatformState state

Description [src]

Retrieves the accessible platform state from the editable delegate.

This is an helper function to retrieve the accessible state for GtkEditable interface implementations using a delegate pattern.

You should call this function in your editable widget implementation of the Gtk.AccessibleInterface.get_platform_state virtual function, for instance:

static void
accessible_interface_init (GtkAccessibleInterface *iface)
  iface->get_platform_state = your_editable_get_accessible_platform_state;

static gboolean
your_editable_get_accessible_platform_state (GtkAccessible *accessible,
                                             GtkAccessiblePlatformState state)
  return gtk_editable_delegate_get_accessible_platform_state (GTK_EDITABLE (accessible), state);

Note that the widget which is the delegate must be a direct child of this widget, otherwise your implementation of Gtk.AccessibleInterface.get_platform_state might not even be called, as the platform change will originate from the parent of the delegate, and, as a result, will not work properly.

So, if you can’t ensure the direct child condition, you should give the delegate the GTK_ACCESSIBLE_ROLE_TEXT_BOX role, or you can change your tree to allow this function to work.

Available since: 4.10



Type: GtkAccessiblePlatformState

What kind of accessible state to retrieve.

Return value

Type: gboolean

The accessible platform state of the delegate.