Description [src]

struct GtkCssLocation {
  gsize bytes;
  gsize chars;
  gsize lines;
  gsize line_bytes;
  gsize line_chars;

Represents a location in a file or other source of data parsed by the CSS engine.

The bytes and line_bytes offsets are meant to be used to programmatically match data. The lines and line_chars offsets can be used for printing the location in a file.

Note that the lines parameter starts from 0 and is increased whenever a CSS line break is encountered. (CSS defines the C character sequences “\r\n”, “\r”, “\n” and “\f” as newlines.) If your document uses different rules for line breaking, you might want run into problems here.

Structure members

number of bytes parsed since the beginning


number of characters parsed since the beginning


number of full lines that have been parsed If you want to display this as a line number, you need to add 1 to this.


Number of bytes parsed since the last line break


Number of characters parsed since the last line break