Programming with gtkmm 4

Murray Cumming

Bernhard Rieder

Chapter on "Timeouts". 

Jonathon Jongsma

Chapter on "Drawing with Cairo". Chapter on "Working with gtkmm's Source Code". Chapter on "Recent Files". 

Ole Laursen

Parts of chapter on "Internationalization". 

Marko Anastasov

Chapter on "Printing". Parts of chapter on "Internationalization". 

Daniel Elstner

Section "Build Structure" of chapter on "Wrapping C Libraries with gmmproc". 

Chris Vine

Chapter on "Multi-threaded programs". 

David King

Section on Gtk::Grid. 

Pedro Ferreira

Chapter on "Keyboard Events". 

Kjell Ahlstedt

Update from gtkmm 3 to gtkmm 4. Chapter on "Building applications". Chapter on "The DropDown Widget". Chapter on "ListView, GridView, ColumnView". 

Daniel Boles

Notes on need to remove widgets in non-managed wrappers from parents to dispose, other tweaks. 

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This book explains key concepts of the gtkmm C++ API for creating user interfaces. It also introduces the main user interface elements ("widgets").

Table of Contents

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