since: 1.4

Declaration [src]

adw_toolbar_view_set_bottom_bar_style (
  AdwToolbarView* self,
  AdwToolbarStyle style

Description [src]

Sets appearance of the bottom bars for self.

If set to ADW_TOOLBAR_FLAT, bottom bars are flat and scrolling content has a subtle undershoot shadow when touching them, same as the .undershoot-bottom style class. This works well for simple content, e.g. AdwStatusPage or AdwPreferencesPage, where the background at the bottom of the page is uniform. Additionally, windows with sidebars should always use this style.

Undershoot shadow is only present if a bottom bar is actually present and visible. It is also never present if AdwToolbarView:extend-content-to-bottom-edge is set to TRUE.

If set to ADW_TOOLBAR_RAISED, bottom bars have an opaque background and a persistent shadow, this is suitable for content such as utility panes, where some elements are directly adjacent to the bottom bars, or AdwTabView, where each page can have a different background.

ADW_TOOLBAR_RAISED_BORDER is similar to ADW_TOOLBAR_RAISED, but the shadow is replaced with a more subtle border. This can be useful for applications like image viewers.

See also adw_toolbar_view_set_top_bar_style().

Available since: 1.4



Type: AdwToolbarStyle

Bottom bar style.