Virtual Method


since: 1.0

Declaration [src]

get_swipe_area (
  AdwSwipeable* self,
  AdwNavigationDirection navigation_direction,
  gboolean is_drag,
  GdkRectangle* rect

Description [src]

Gets the area self can start a swipe from for the given direction and gesture type.

This can be used to restrict swipes to only be possible from a certain area, for example, to only allow edge swipes, or to have a draggable element and ignore swipes elsewhere.

If not implemented, the default implementation returns the allocation of self, allowing swipes from anywhere.

Available since: 1.0



Type: AdwNavigationDirection

The direction of the swipe.


Type: gboolean

Whether the swipe is caused by a dragging gesture.


Type: GdkRectangle

A pointer to a rectangle to store the swipe area.

The argument will be set by the function.
The data is owned by the function.