since: 1.4


enum Adw.ToolbarStyle

Description [src]

Describes the possible top or bottom bar styles in an AdwToolbarView widget.

ADW_TOOLBAR_FLAT is suitable for simple content, such as AdwStatusPage or AdwPreferencesPage, where the background at the top and bottom parts of the page is uniform. Additionally, windows with sidebars should always use this style.

toolbar-view-flat-1 toolbar-view-flat-2

ADW_TOOLBAR_RAISED style is suitable for content such as utility panes, where some elements are directly adjacent to the top/bottom bars, or AdwTabView, where each page can have a different background.

ADW_TOOLBAR_RAISED_BORDER style is similar to ADW_TOOLBAR_RAISED, but with the shadow replaced with a more subtle border. It’s intended to be used in applications like image viewers, where a shadow over the content might be undesired.

toolbar-view-raised toolbar-view-raised-border

See AdwToolbarView:top-bar-style and AdwToolbarView:bottom-bar-style.

New values may be added to this enumeration over time.

Available since: 1.4



No background, shadow only for scrolled content.

  • Value: 0
  • Available since: 1.4

Opaque background with a persistent shadow.

  • Value: 1
  • Available since: 1.4

Opaque background with a persistent border.

  • Value: 2
  • Available since: 1.4