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GNOME Data Access (GDA) is an architecture whose purpose is to provide universal access to many different kinds and types of data sources. This goes from traditional relational database systems, to any imaginable kind of data source such as a mail server, a directory...

This universality is obtained through the use of an easily extensible plug-in system as the mechanism for communication between the different components in the architecture.

I. Getting Started
Data sources
Authentication information management
Library initialization — Library initialization and information
Getting the library
Installing from the sources
Compiling your code using the Libgda library
Configuration for development
Configuration for accessing a database
Provider's specific information
II. API Reference
GdaConnection — A connection to a database
GdaConnectionEvent — Any event which has occurred on a GdaConnection
GdaXaTransaction — Distributed transaction manager
GdaTransactionStatus — Keeps track of the transaction status of a connection
GdaVirtualConnection — Base class for all virtual connection objects
GdaVconnectionDataModel — Virtual connection based on a list of GdaDataModel
GdaVconnectionHub — Virtual connection which bind together connections
GdaServerProvider — Base class for all the DBMS providers
GdaVirtualProvider — Base class for all virtual provider objects
GdaVproviderDataModel — Virtual provider for connections based on a list of GdaDataModel
GdaVproviderHub — Virtual provider for connections based on other connection
Misc API for database providers — Methods dedicated to implementing providers
SQL rendering API — Adapting the SQL to the database's own SQL dialect
Data Model
GdaDataModel — Data model interface
GdaDataModelArray — An implementation of GdaDataModel based on a GArray
GdaDataModelDir — GdaDataModel to list files in filesystem
GdaDataModelImport — Importing data from a string or a file
GdaDataModelIter — Data model iterator
GdaDataAccessWrapper — Offers a random access on top of a cursor-only access data model
GdaDataModel columns — Management of GdaDataModel column attributes
GdaRow — Individual row of a GdaDataModelArray object
GdaDataPivot — A data model for data summarisation
GdaDataProxy — Proxy to hold modifications for any GdaDataModel, providing the GdaDataModel interface itself
GdaMetaStore — Dictionary object
GdaMetaStruct — In memory representation of some database objects
Data Handlers
GdaBlob — Binary data and BLOBs handling
GdaValue — Assorted functions for dealing with single GValue values
GdaHolder — Container for a single GValue
GdaSet — Container for several values
GdaDataHandler — Interface which provides data handling (conversions) capabilities
GdaDataComparator — Simple data model's contents comparison
GdaHanderBin — Default handler for binary values
GdaHanderBoolean — Default handler for boolean values
GdaHanderNumerical — Default handler for numeric values
GdaHanderString — Default handler for string values
GdaHanderTime — Default handler for time values
GdaHanderType — Default handler for GType values
GdaQuarkList — Manages lists of KEY=VALUE pairs
Attributes manager — Manager for lists of attributes
DB Catalog
GdaDbBase — The basic class for all database objects
GdaDdlModifiable — Interface to peform DDL operation
GdaDbColumn — Object to represent table column
GdaDbCatalog — Object to constract database representation from an xml file or by reading the existing datatabase
GdaDbFkey — Object to hold information for foregn key.
GdaDbTable — Object to represent table database object
GdaDbView — Object to represent view database object
GdaDbIndex — Object to represent table index
GdaDbIndexField — Object to represent table index
GdaPstmt — Base class for prepared statement's
GdaSqlParser — SQL parser
GdaSqlBuilder — Factory object for statements
GdaStatement — Single SQL statement
GdaSqlStatement — SQL statement
GdaRepetitiveStatement — Execute the same statement several times with different values
GdaBatch — Multiple SQL statements grouped together.
Tree Manager
GdaTree — A tree-structure
GdaTreeNode — A node in a GdaTree
GdaTreeManager — Base class for all the tree managers
GdaTreeMgrColumns — A tree manager which creates a node for each column of a table
GdaTreeMgrLabel — A tree manager which creates a single node
GdaTreeMgrSchemas — A tree manager which creates a node for each schema in a database
GdaTreeMgrSelect — A tree manager which creates a node for each row resulting from the execution of a SELECT statement
GdaTreeMgrTables — A tree manager which creates a node for each table in a schema
Server Operation
GdaServerOperation — Handles any DDL query in an abstract way
GdaServerOperation: individual nodes — Getting information about parts (nodes) composing a path
GdaServerOperation: sequences — Manipulating sequences
GdaLockable — Interface for locking objects in a multi threaded environment
Logging — Log functions
Utility functions — Utility functions
Configuration — Access/Management of libgda configuration
GdaConnect — Inter thread signal propagation
GdaWorker — Execute functions in a sub thread
Object Hierarchy
API Index
Annotation Glossary