since: 1.2

Declaration [src]

hdy_tab_view_set_page_pinned (
  HdyTabView* self,
  HdyTabPage* page,
  gboolean pinned

Description [src]

Pins or unpins page.

Pinned pages are guaranteed to be placed before all non-pinned pages; at any given moment the first HdyTabView:n-pinned-pages pages in self are guaranteed to be pinned.

When a page is pinned or unpinned, it’s automatically reordered: pinning a page moves it after other pinned pages; unpinning a page moves it before other non-pinned pages.

Pinned pages can still be reordered between each other.

HdyTabBar will display pinned pages in a compact form, never showing the title or close button, and only showing a single icon, selected in the following order:

  1. HdyTabPage:indicator-icon
  2. A spinner if HdyTabPage:loading is TRUE
  3. HdyTabPage:icon
  4. HdyTabView:default-icon

Pinned pages cannot be closed by default, see HdyTabView::close-page for how to override that behavior.

Available since: 1.2



Type: HdyTabPage

A page of self.

The data is owned by the caller of the method.

Type: gboolean

Whether page should be pinned.