Description [src]

interface Gtk.Root : Gtk.Native

GtkRoot is the interface implemented by all widgets that can act as a toplevel widget.

The root widget takes care of providing the connection to the windowing system and manages layout, drawing and event delivery for its widget hierarchy.

The obvious example of a GtkRoot is GtkWindow.

To get the display to which a GtkRoot belongs, use gtk_root_get_display().

GtkRoot also maintains the location of keyboard focus inside its widget hierarchy, with gtk_root_set_focus() and gtk_root_get_focus().


In order to implement Root, your type must inherit fromGtkNative.

Instance methods


Returns the display that this GtkRoot is on.


Retrieves the current focused widget within the root.


If focus is not the current focus widget, and is focusable, sets it as the focus widget for the root.

Interface structure

struct GtkRootInterface {
  /* no available fields */

No description available.