since: 1.2

Declaration [src]

adw_about_window_set_license_type (
  AdwAboutWindow* self,
  GtkLicense license_type

Description [src]

Sets the license for self from a list of known licenses.

If the application’s license is not in the list, AdwAboutWindow:license can be used instead. The license type will be automatically set to GTK_LICENSE_CUSTOM in that case.

If license_type is GTK_LICENSE_UNKNOWN, no information will be displayed.

If license_type is different from GTK_LICENSE_CUSTOM. AdwAboutWindow:license will be cleared out.

The license description will be displayed on the Legal page, below the copyright information.

adw_about_window_add_legal_section() can be used to add license information for the application dependencies or other components.

Available since: 1.2



Type: GtkLicense

The license type.