since: 1.0

Declaration [src]

adw_tab_view_close_page (
  AdwTabView* self,
  AdwTabPage* page

Description [src]

Requests to close page.

Calling this function will result in the AdwTabView::close-page signal being emitted for page. Closing the page can then be confirmed or denied via adw_tab_view_close_page_finish().

If the page is waiting for a adw_tab_view_close_page_finish() call, this function will do nothing.

The default handler for AdwTabView::close-page will immediately confirm closing the page if it’s non-pinned, or reject it if it’s pinned. This behavior can be changed by registering your own handler for that signal.

If page was selected, another page will be selected instead:

If the AdwTabPage:parent value is NULL, the next page will be selected when possible, or if the page was already last, the previous page will be selected instead.

If it’s not NULL, the previous page will be selected if it’s a descendant (possibly indirect) of the parent. If both the previous page and the parent are pinned, the parent will be selected instead.

Available since: 1.0



Type: AdwTabPage

A page of self.

The data is owned by the caller of the method.